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Okay, finally, only took me a whole night for rendering and uploading. Thank heavens for my vidding program's "upload to Youtube" feature working because the 3 times I tried to make this an avi file it did not want to work (& do not know why, my Jeffster vid rendered as an avi fine).

So I was adamant about doing several a Being Human fanvid and I had almost a whole soundtrack of songs to choose from, but this little gem from [ profile] havens's brilliant fanmix struck the mightiest chord and voila - a Mitchell/Annie fanvid detailing their friendship & relationship. I did initially have a different idea of how I was going to approach this one, but looks like my own style remained, although I got to play with colour curves this time which made for some interesting (and sometimes helpful considering how dark the show became) effects, so I have at least retained that "something different each vid" approach. ALSO total kudos to the directors of the show - I've never been able to work with imagery so easily since the early days of Heroes.


Download link: hxxp://
(replace xx with tt)
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I was attempting to vid the characterisation around Henry but I'm not sure if the spin I was putting on this had to do with a certain other character of mine. Heh.

Anyways, this has primarily come about because I'm going to hopefully see Kyle Schmid (the actor who plays Henry) next month and I had a dire need to pull a tribute together for his character and the many hardships he's had to go through in the current day, and basically that the only person he can rely on through all this is Vicki.


Click here or the pic above to watch
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My entry for the final round at [ profile] heroes_lvms. And yes I'm still so utterly busy that I can only make a fly-by post with it here *sighs*

This is an anti-hero montage to Sylar/Gabriel Gray. The vid itself becomes almost AU in it's intensity - showcasing the odds that Sylar is up against to indulge in his greed & lust for power. At every corner he's facing someone who wants to kill him, drug him, imprison him, etc. and despite trying to open himself up to ppl he finds that they constantly betray him.

Vid is embedded. If you can't see this, please click here.

Warning: Features scenes up to & including Season 2 Episode 11. Does contain spoilers!

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I'm being of the lazy right now (cause I'm watching TV) but I finally finished that promo video to sell off the last 174 tix for the Heroes Eclipse Convention I'm attending. Of course I had to change over certain cast members last minute... but thankfully that helped more than create an issue.

Video is embedded. If you can't see it, lemme know and I'll give you the Youtube link.
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It's taken me days to post this... but I just wanted to show off my shiny award:

Image Hosted by

I won the action category guys!!! Unfortunately the sexy category got taken away :( Oh wells. But at least I did well in one of the 2 categories I aimed to conquer within this vid. (And doubly awesome, the pic plays my favourite part of the vid! LOL)
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Sorry, I really don't have time for much of an intro (such is my life lately) SO in short, this vid looks at the relationship between Claire & HRG, how he tries to protect her & how she keeps putting her faith in other people but ultimately comes back to her family.

click the banner above to watch on Youtube or click here.

Warning: Features episodes from 1x01-2x09 - CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS

Download Links
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I just got nominated in 5 categories for the Best of the Best video awards over at Driver Picks the Music vidding awards site.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Best Music Use
In The End - DecadentDream

Best Drama
Fix You - DecadentDream

Best Relationship
Fix You - DecadentDream

Best Ensemble
In The End - DecadentDream

Judges Choice
Awakening - DecadentDream


Not that I'm likely to win, but I'm proud :D

LOL feels like the ARIAs or something... do I get to dress up & walk the red carpet? (A)
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Man I'm so dead :( Possibly have food poisoning. Buttttttttttt onto the reason for this post, I want to tell you all a story.

Once upon a time there was a little vidding competition started called "Last Video Maker Standing" (or lvms as the comm is called) which requires you to make a vid to a song of their choice. Ambitious as I am, I went with the one that required my brain to think "action". But I needed a spin, a fresh angle, to make it not all about one song and random Heroes clips. So here it is: "Welcome to The Company." You now work for us. Nobody else can know what you really do. We will give you a mission. We will expect you to fulfill this mission. If you don't, there will be dire consequences...

Okay, I'm not truly insane. This is the real deal:

This video takes a look at "The Company" - a secret organisation on Heroes that harvests and attempts to control people with "special abilities". Due to their single-mindedness, they end up either destroying the Heroes or driving them to destroy one another. When his family becomes a target, HRG quickly comes to realise the corporation in which he's been involved in for years are not all well-meaning and looking to protect those that are "different".

click the banner above to watch on Youtube or click here.

Warning: Features episodes from 1x01-2x03

Download Links
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I've seen this happen with plenty of icon challenges, but never before with video challenges, and certainly never in the Heroes verse.

Just wanted to inform any Heroes vidders lurking on my f-list that there's a new "Last Vid Maker Standing" comp starting up soon over at [ profile] heroes_lvms which is currently looking for entrants. Certainly the first I heard of it I was dying to join up, so maybe there's a few more peeps out there who are interested also?

Seriously... I dunno what I've gotten myself into. But it's meant to be FUN right??? COME JOIN ME!!!!
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*waves* Yup my love of Charmed has resurfaced. My addiction to the Halliwell boys and certain other characters is making itself known. And I decided that I was going to now vid the show again. Also wanna dedicate this to [ profile] midnightshadows cause she's always forthcoming with Drewness and gave me this wonderful song to sate my obsession with it.

This video is based on Chris Halliwell. Using the story featured in the Season 6 episode Criss-Crossed, I've mapped out a music vid in which we see Chris' struggle with the people around him and, most importantly, himself as he knowingly deceives his family in an effort to make his brother "good", all the while dealing with his own personal issues with certain family members in the future. Strewn all through this are memories and recollections from the future where Chris decides upon his mission and, with his fiance's help, decides to risk everything to change the awful world in which he now lives. When she follows him back to the past with seemingly killer instincts he must find a way to discover what changed her and prevent his secret from being revealed.

Just as a side note - there is a portion in this vid where Bianca is drawing the triquetra which feels so Ring 2 I'm just waiting for her to turn around and be a dead, vengeful Samara! LOL

The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars (A Charmed FanVid for Ssn6 ep Criss-Crossed)
click the banner above to watch on Youtube or click here.

Download Links
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WOO FINALLY!!! Man this was some work and a half, and it's not like completely flawless but I did the best that I could do with what I have whilst learning a few things along the way. Minor frustration was creeping in last night but things have worked out a lot better today. Hope you guys like it.

Unaffected trailer
Click on the banner above or here to watch on Youtube.

Everything in this video is in the story (okay maybe not 100% visually but it gives you the jist of it). Visuals & audio compiled from Charmed, Chuck, Ressurection Blvd, Latter Days, Invasion, 24 & In Justice. Song used is Hoobastank's "Crawling in the Dark" (which I miraculously mixed to make the song longer).
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Hi all. Just popping in to drop off my latest 2 day project (see I was that excited at having some time to actually do something again that I rushed straight through with this one to finally get the idea out of my head). If anything I have discovered more of what my program can do - the highlight being I now know how to speed up and slow clips down in my vids (on purpose) *cheers*

This video COULD be unashambly Paire (for all those Peter/Claire shippers out there) but it's also an insight into the relationship between these two characters. Peter is caught up in fulfilling a destiny and doesn't want to lose Claire who is pivotal to their future, and Claire doesn't want to lose the only person she feels understands her. This vid shows the strong bond they have and, yeah, I took a little liberty to create some kind of not-very-true story like another certain pairing...

20 Good Reasons - Thirsty Merc (A Peter/Claire *ahem* possibly Paire *ahem* Heroes FanVid)
click the banner above to watch on Youtube or click here.

Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-23 (yes that means the ENTIRE first season).

Download Links
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[Poll #1015271]

These are the ones I thus far haven't entered. I'd rather not do another ensemble vid cause I like to be inconsistent... but it's totally up to you. Just try not to tick them all ;) LOL MOST preferred (or most likely to do well) please :D
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EEK! I won not one but TWO awards! First place! OMG! *is in shock* Look look!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I seriously didn't think I was even in contention for the Best Music category. In fact I considered not even entering that field and I only reluctantly did on final impulse. Good instincts *pets*

Only bad thing with all this is I didn't expect the awards to be over so quickly. I was practically the first vid and the last round took forever. I haven't got a new vid prepped, I haven't even started on one (although I have ideas). So with the inevitable fear that I will miss out, I think I'll have to resort to an old video but I'm not sure which one (I sense a poll coming up) so your help will be greatly appreciated :D And it'll be a seperate post cause I'm not 100% sure how to throw a poll into this one. :\ We'll just keep this as the glee post. *does a happy dance* All that hard work (and frustration) was worth it. I'm totally satisfied now.
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Hold onto your hats people, this was made quick with the intention of being quick and ironically took me about a month to do (with all the mass problems I had inbetween). Get your pause button at the ready because you just might blink and miss something.

I began making Heroes vids with an opener to the show and what it was about in the early stages. Because I made an opener, I felt it only fair to make a season closer showing the journey that each hero has had to face and overcome. This video tries to cover every bit of ground the whole season through and features just about every character you can think of.

*Puts on a Mohinder style voice* Is this quest all for nothing? Or is there true meaning at the end of one's journey, having experienced life outside your own realm and faced obstacles you never thought you could overcome? Did you anticipate yourself to be different from anybody else when you started, or did fate firmly step in your way and lead you where you were meant to be? Does life have a plan for us all? Does life want you to be the Hero?

In The End - Linkin Park (A Heroes ensemble FanVid)
click the banner above to watch on Youtube or click here.

Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-23 (that means the ENTIRE season, and yes it's VERY heavy on the spoilers).

Download Links
Megaupload - link corrected for upload of FULL version
Megashares - link corrected for upload of FULL version

EDIT: I HAVE JUST BEEN MADE AWARE THAT THE DOWNLOAD VERSION IS NOT THE FULL THING. For some reason the file has become corrupted or something on my computer and has chopped itself short. I will have to re-render the file and will reupload it as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for your patience. ALL links now corrected with full version.
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Okies, didn't fair quite as well this round with my "Lips of an Angel" vid. :( Competition was tough (yes there were a few vids which were lavished with awards, one of which I knew was going to stamp down every bit of competition when I saw it entered). I got an award of Merit.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm thinking I should enter the Sylar one next...
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I'm leaving this one open to the public with the hope that people will be considerate to the fact that everything entailed in this entry is mine. All filmed and photographed by me.

I spent the entire day last Sunday hanging out at Mt Druitt Westfield waiting for this Dean Geyer performance. Yes I considered meeting him, but no I didn't. I was not one of those super-loud screaming fans who wanted to marry the man. Besides the fact he's much younger than me, I appreciate his voice, his talent, his taste in music, and yes he is definately easy on the eye. One thing that did surprise me was just how skinny the guy was. And funnily enough he seemed just like any other young boy with pleasant manners and a will to please, plus he loved rocking out to his own songs played on the CD player over and over LOL He's a seriously talented songwriter and I truly wished his record company gave him the credit he deserved developing his new album, though judging by the single it feels like it's another overly produced production from an Australian Idol contendor. Here's hoping he'll be able to break their hold in the near future and develop something truly aweworthy.

I did manage to catch one performance (plus most of the interview & backflip) on my camera. I've only uploaded the song though on Youtube, a cover of Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" which he did on the show, which you can find here or click the banner below:

Dean Geyer - I'll Be

And also for your viewing pleasure... just a few of the many snaps I took )
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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first round of vidding awards already ended and I was both surprised and terrified. And I meekly made my way over to the site and I won one of the 2 Judges Choice awards AND runner up for Best Character!!!! *does a little happy dance* Oh I'm so ecstatic. Made my day. And now I'm posting and squealing and showing off my awards :D

Round 2 has opened :D And now I don't know what to do next... LOL I think I have to put another vid in. Should I go with the Niki/Nathan "Lips of an Angel" one to cover some different categories?

This is so awesome *bounces and runs away*
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No, seriously, after 5 months they now allow Heroes. *is freaked but kinda excited*

I decided to submit "Awakening" cause at least I have a good chance in the editing field then.

Think I'll do any good? *is nervous like*

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