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Title: Apologize
Characters/Pairings: Nathan Petrelli, Angela Petrelli
Rating: PG
Spoiler alert: Only pertaining to the first season, up to about 1x22
Summary: This was inspired by a real life election scandal in my area - so I put a Heroes spin on it. Another candidate threatens Nathan's campaign, and Nathan wonders if Lindermann factors into any of the happenings.
Word Count: 1,133

Election scandal beneath the cut )
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This vid and everything around it has caused me no amount of anguish. But through all the blood, sweat and tears I think it's turned out really well. The basis of it was provided by [ profile] alenah who wanted me to show the change between Peter at the start of the series and what he has become now. So, hon, this one's for you *hugz* Consider it an early birthday present. ;) And I also gotta thank [ profile] canadian_turtle who was asking me about this song months ago before I even heard it - it sunk its hooks into me straight away and refused to let go until I provided a Peter vid for it (amusing, non-the-less, that despite this "appearing" to be New York, it was actually filmed in downtown LA as the lyrics say).

I noticed the difference between Milo and Adrian Pasdar during this. Both guys are great people to vid, but where Adrian uses a lot of subtlety and you can read the emotion from his facial expressions, Milo incorporates his whole body into a deeply involving body-language type illustration. Very different acting styles but very complimentary. True, this makes Adrian easier to vid than Milo, but it also makes for some fantastic footage once you incorporate some meaning to a scene. In that respect this is pretty action-packed and enjoyable.

Summary: Peter dreams of being someone great, and upon absorbing the abilities of others and awakening those powers he finds he's not only endangering his own life but those of others around him. This video shows the transition of Peter as simply a dreamer, to someone who can master his own abilities & learn to help those around him.

Awakening - Switchfoot (A Peter Petrelli Heroes FanVid)
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Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-18.

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Megaupload Uploaded 22nd April 2007

On a personal note - this may be the last vid I do for a while as I'm ambitiously planning to take on a huge Heroes vid-related project. This is not to say said project will be completed as I have to work out the fundamentals of things first and I may not be able to do it, but if I do I sincerely hope it will be something that everyone can enjoy *hugz*
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Fandom: Heroes
Title: Somebody That I Used To Know
Author/Artist: [ profile] decadentdream
Written For: [ profile] original_lie’s music fic challenge
Prompt: "Somebody That I Used To Know" - Elliot Smith
Characters: Nathan Petrelli (ramblings about Peter)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Belongs to Tim Kring and all other associated people.
Summary: Nathan faces the knowledge that he may just have lost his little brother. Circa: Ep #12 “Godsend” - Ep #13 “The Fix”
Word Count: 1,046

Somebody That I Used To Know )
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Adrian Pasdar is the almighty when it comes to facial expressions, I tell u, he makes vidding very easy. This has gotta be the quickest I've done up since the Petrelli brothers fanvid. And from the moment I heard this song, I instantly knew I had to vid this shipping to it. You'll see as you watch the first verse that it pretty much plays out an entire scene of the show. That is how close to the mark this pairing and song run put together. The rest, well, I just got creative with. I hope u enjoy ;)

Lips of an Angel - Hinder (A Niki/Nathan Heroes FanVid)
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Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 4-18.

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LOL I'm guessing updating my Zach journal last night threw me into enough of a mindset to think there might be more to his words:

"You may have an aunt out there, or a rich eccentric uncle"

A Claire/Petrelli/Linderman speculation )
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Okay so it's finally done! WOOHOO! Though me, being a perfectionist, was picking on certain things but anyway... ultimately I'm happy with it.

I present to you the Niki/Jessica fanvid. It shows the struggle the girl goes through forever dueling between her two personalities, and how this affects her life and family. I have to say I personally LOVE this song, it's one of my all-time favourites, and when it slipped onto my music player I almost fell over at how easily it captures Niki's character. So I whipped it together (its taken about 2 weeks) and I pushed my computer to the limit with media and transition effects because I wanted to try something a little different. And, you know, all in all despite the tragedy surrounding her this vid is just a lot of fun. :D Apart from Niki/Jessica it also features Micah, DL, Nathan, Hiro & Ando (briefly), and a bunch of other sub-characters that have come into contact with our girl.

Time is Running Out - Muse (A Niki/Jessica FanVid)
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Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-12

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LOL I can't decide for myself, so I open the polls to YOU (the wonderful ppl who have friended me and visit my journal)

[Poll #901542]
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Fandom: Heroes
Title: My Best Wasn’t Good Enough
Author/Artist: [ profile] decadentdream
Characters: Peter and Nathan (with mentions of the other heroes)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Belongs to Tim Kring and all other associated people. Verbal dialogue taken from the show, not my own. I just had this weird need to write it out.
Summary: I just decided to write the end of 1x11 “Fallout” with a little internal POV
Word Count: 1,917

WARNING: Spoilers for 1x11 “Fallout”

My Best Wasn’t Good Enough )
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Okay I'm gonna dedicate this one to [ profile] never_evil for inspiring me to make it through all our discussions on Nathan and Peter Petrelli. Sadly not everything could fit into this song, but I did my best to show the relationship between the two siblings, how Nathan tries to combat his younger brothers "delusions of grandeur" while still making his own fatal mistakes, and how much they really do care about one another.

Fix You - Coldplay

As last time, click the banner above to watch on Youtube. If the banner has disappeared, then click here

Warning: Features scenes from Season 1, Episodes 1-11. Does contain spoilers!

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