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Fandom: Charmed
Title: Barely Breathing
Author/Artist: [ profile] decadentdream
Theme(s): #27. Line between Love and Hate (~Dying just for you)
Pairing/Characters: Wyatt and Bianca
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Belongs to Spelling Entertainment and all other associated people. I do however claim half of Bianca since they never fully developed her.
Word Count: 2,336
Written For: [ profile] 30_angsts

Barely Breathing )
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Title: Look To You
Series: Charmed
Character/(s): Primarily Wyatt & Chris, some Piper and Leo
Prompt: With their parents MIA, Wyatt and Chris must face off their first demon together.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,608
Written For: [ profile] broshalliwell

Look To You )
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Title: Master of the Universe
Fandom: Charmed
Characters: Chris, Wyatt & Piper Halliwell + Paige Matthews
Word Count: 470
Rating: G
Author's Notes: This is set when Chris & Wyatt are younger (Estimate Wyatt's about 11 here). Written cause I just had to use the phrase from my Latin calendar (which does mean the same as the title). Only a short piece that's not being posted elsewhere cause there's no point to it and it's too short LOL. I don’t own the show nor the characters. This is an original work purely for entertainment purposes and carries no spoilers whatsoever.
Summary: A little attic scene where yet again Wyatt is being disobediant.

Master of the Universe )

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