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Okies, so this isn't really a stellar clip or anything (to be honest I couldn't be bothered trying to dig through old Charmed footage to find random clips), but this is what my recent obsession has been all about :) The future - pre-LMS.

Now if only I could write it all :P I'm just happy to finish this lil 1minish clip :)
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Fandom: Charmed / WGC (ie. Pre-LMS) rpg based
Title: When the Dust Finally Settles
Author/Artist: [ profile] decadentdream
Characters: Justin, Max, Alisha, Wyatt & Bianca
Rating: PG-ish
Summary: Justin's parents are next on the hit list
Word Count: 4,700

When the Dust Finally Settles )
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1. Despite [ profile] skypiratekella trying to coax me into NaNoWriMo participation, I couldn't even reach her daily word quota with this (and it was something I DID want to write, not a random plot bunny that hadn't been thought over with characters analysed a billion times)

2. I might have been able to get further, but I didn't want to sabotage [ profile] canadian_turtle's characters, and I am running on plot bunnies that haven't been totally discussed with her (another reason I had to stop before I delve too deeply cause I kind of feel like I'm cheating or being bossy/demanding or something IDK)

3. I want to steal the cheerleader from the last ep of Supernatural as the face for the bad girl now simply cause there was footage of her doing something that would be kinda Charmed-like :$ Actress is Ashley Benson and there's LOTS of pics of her around so that's helpful XD But she looks nothing like my original Kristen and I'm even contemplating changing her name now and ditching Niki Reed

4. I am really REALLY obsessed and I can't help it! :( But I've restrained myself to the two main characters (ie. Ashley & Justin) fighting it out in my head and a sub-character for the moment. Cause of the nature of these characters there is a bit of swearing in here too so TURN AWAY NOW if you're going to be offended.

Beginning of the End )

I don't think my writing is at its best but I'll blame that on being rusty (cause I'll be very upset if I think I've lost my ability to form sentances with cool words that make sense and have an awesome flow). And, erm, don't be surprised if there's more WGC that pops up cause I can't keep it all in my head or else it'll disappear :(
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Considering how small Justin's started out weeks ago, it's HUMONGOUS now! *glee* (I just added more :$ ) He's gotta be the 2nd most well-known character next to B *nods*

Anyways, from the thinking of Justin sprouted a new character (skate park buddy) known as Ashley. Unfortunately there's very few pics of this actor so I'm limited to like 3 images :( But, tis okay. And I don't think there's going to be info about the parents here cause he's just a sub (but hopefully very important) character.

Character profile - Ashley )
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Character profile - Justin )

This looks pathetically short and may end up being added to :\ (Psst Zarina, I think we need to do some RPing of some kind :$ ). I can't remember his last name or the exact street names or any tiny thing I came up with for LMS2 :( Not one record on my computer and the site has now bitten the dust. Added to, remembered some, and changed what we couldn't remember.
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*spams f-list*

I know there's a few pretty good writers lurking on my list (even if they're not interested in half of my ramble or what I'm about to propose LOL) and I just wanted to see if there's anyone interested in playing a Charmed RPG. There's one starting over at the forum on Drew Fuller's dutch website . They're good people on that website, I've played with them before, and we're just looking for some fresh blood faces to liven things up a bit. It's also the first time we've played that style of RPG so if there's others new to that kind of thing I won't feel so alone. *nervous laugh*

Anyway, if you wanna bypass the forum and have a looksie click the piccie below, otherwise that link ^^ up there will take u to the forum itself. Please come by and have a squizz, I hope to be playing with some of you soon. Also please tell anyone else you know that might be interested. Thanks.

Oh and don't worry about time zones - there's people in Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany & the USA who frequent that board and often play the RPGs so you won't be out of time with anything - and someone will always be around to help out or throw around ideas *nods*

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