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I know I have a million and one things to write about, but I'm just going to quickly post about the Star Trek premiere in Sydney last night. To be short-but-sweet it was a balmy night with very little crowd, which was surprising as we were a little late but still about 2 hours early after being kicked out of the hotel. The guys spent nearly an hour down at the start of the red carpet signing autographs and speaking to various people. Zachary Quinto spoke to Richard Wilkins for a good 15mins (all of which 2 mins of this was aired and only about the Leonard Nimoy thing which everyone has heard about already surely)and then he went BACK to him and we were all "Zach, c'mon!" He was Billy Boyding that carpet, really. Not a single person missed out down there I don't think. Which made for very limited time for us on the stairs - he didn't reach us until about 6:30pm, and what was worse was that a SWARM of ppl came up the stairs at that point in time engulfing all of them. I have to say Eric Bana walked the carpet the smartest of them all (and his wife was gorgeous to boot - we were all fangirling her dress but none of us knew her name so we could call her over and tell her!).

But back to the stars... Karl Urban was fantastically attentive to everyone. Zach seemed to be enjoying himself for the most part down the bottom, Chris we could barely see, and poor John Cho got ignored by most people. We were fully focused on Zach so when we saw him coming (and the crowd beginning to swallow him) all 5 of us - me, Zarina, Gen, Sherrie & Jess - shouted "ZACH!" (not to mention we had the aided help of a German guy called Christian who was there more just to chat with us than for the stars LOL). This was enough to grab his attention, and we kept calling and waving him over so he could locate his fanbase. And then once he was over there was a million and one things blurted out, but I do remember that we all practically pointed at Zarina and went "ZARINA!" and he threw his arms out (seriously, I thought he was going to hug her for a minute there!) and said "I met you in Paris! In France!" and we were all rejoicing the reunion of Zacharina! LOL Gen & Zarina had 2 missions - the first completed, the 2nd was to try and organise to give him his present (they had spent the day gathering very daggy Australian souveniors for him) but he was being pulled away *queue video* and only returned long enough to get photos with Gen, Zarina & Jess before racing off (sad I was, I missed out *sob*).

Whilst we watched him race around and Jess frantically tried to get John Cho's attention (which ultimately failed), I think it was Gen who managed to flag Chris Pine and get him over to us. He took one look at the Spock picture on the cover of Zarina's magazine and burst out laughing, then couldn't resist turning and mocking Zach about it *queue 2nd video* I tell you, Chris Pine was an absolute delight XD Mind you they were all so late now that the interviewers on the platform above took priority and they were dragged away leaving us with very little time with them at all :(

My pictures are mostly poor (thanks to distance and the guy in front of me who kept getting in the way and rocking the fence, and leaving me with the edge of one step to stand on so I had great difficulty keeping balance - especially with my bad foot *is seeing a doctor today about this*), but I've tried to upload the best or most noteworthy and put my videos up as well (score that I got Zach in the 2nd one and didn't even realise he was in frame in the background! LOL)

Star Trek red carpet pics & vids )
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EEK! I won not one but TWO awards! First place! OMG! *is in shock* Look look!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I seriously didn't think I was even in contention for the Best Music category. In fact I considered not even entering that field and I only reluctantly did on final impulse. Good instincts *pets*

Only bad thing with all this is I didn't expect the awards to be over so quickly. I was practically the first vid and the last round took forever. I haven't got a new vid prepped, I haven't even started on one (although I have ideas). So with the inevitable fear that I will miss out, I think I'll have to resort to an old video but I'm not sure which one (I sense a poll coming up) so your help will be greatly appreciated :D And it'll be a seperate post cause I'm not 100% sure how to throw a poll into this one. :\ We'll just keep this as the glee post. *does a happy dance* All that hard work (and frustration) was worth it. I'm totally satisfied now.
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Okay, I admit, I couldn't help myself. I made another entire cast vid. BUT it was all in good spirit, back when I had the Claire/Zach vid going around in my head I also had this one too by the wonderful Dutch band Kane. It is almost entirely different footage again (I don't tend to use the same scene twice unless it's too pretty/meaningful to turn down). PLUS there is a miniscule blink-and-you'll-miss-it section of the Claire promo provided to me by [ profile] __outdated (thank you again *hugz*). So without further ado, the vid (please enjoy):

My Best Wasn't Good Enough - Kane (A Heroes Fanvid)
click the banner above to watch on Youtube or click here.

Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-11 and may be a tad bloody

Download Links
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Bless my little Claire/Zach loving heart, I had to do a music clip for my favourite pair. Feel free to dub it a shipper vid (it certainly looks like they're in some tumultuous relationship). Put together to the tune of "Light Surrounding You" from New Zealand band Evermore's fabulous new album "Real Life" *shameless music plug*

This one is a tribute to my favourite on-screen duo wherin we explore the friendship of and relationship between Claire and Zach. Zach sees something special in Claire, and she is learning to accept it herself at the same time seeing something special in him.

Light Surrounding You - Evermore (A Claire/Zach Heroes Fanvid)
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Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-11

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*sings* Tis the season to be jolly... fa la la la la, la la la la...

Even though this isn't technically a christmas song, it sounds christmasy to me with all the choral "ba ba ba" in it. Anyway, it's a nice reflection on the spiritualism that comes with that culture.

This video is a reflection on the Heroes character of Mohinder Suresh showing the relationship he has with his parents and co-workers, the quest to discover if his father's theories on enhanced genetics are true, and the assistance he receives from Eden and Sanjog (the little boy). Basically it sums up Mohinder's storyline.

SO, without further ado, let me present "They" by Jem (Mohinder Suresh's first character vid)

They - Jem (A Mohinder Suresh Heroes Fanvid)

Please click the banner above to watch on Youtube, or in the absence of the banner go here

Warning: Features clips from Season 1, Episodes 1-11

Download links:
Megashares updated 1st Sept 2007
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Okay I'm gonna dedicate this one to [ profile] never_evil for inspiring me to make it through all our discussions on Nathan and Peter Petrelli. Sadly not everything could fit into this song, but I did my best to show the relationship between the two siblings, how Nathan tries to combat his younger brothers "delusions of grandeur" while still making his own fatal mistakes, and how much they really do care about one another.

Fix You - Coldplay

As last time, click the banner above to watch on Youtube. If the banner has disappeared, then click here

Warning: Features scenes from Season 1, Episodes 1-11. Does contain spoilers!

Megaupload reuploaded 13th July 2007
Megashares reuploaded 13th July 2007
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Run - Snow Patrol (A Heroes Fanvid)

Click the banner above to be redirected to the vid on Youtube. I'll upload it for download later and edit this post with those links. It features just about every character that makes a consistent appearance on the show. Enjoy.

Warning: Features Season One Episodes from 1-9

Downloadable from:

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You can tell I'm obsessed about a fandom if I become a die-hard vid fanatic about it. Since I've gotten the new program now that actually works *cheer* I had to jump straight in and do something. I don't have all the Supernatural eppies available to me, but because of my Zach-RPGing I did have most of the Heroes ones. I ended up with all of them last night by the time I was halfway through and so I managed to get everything I could into this one vid. Anyways, enjoy. I've embedded the Youtube vid (hopefully it works). If anyone would like me to upload it so they can download it from somewhere, please comment with that request and I'll put it up somewhere for you...

Edit:K it didn't work. Stupid thing. Nonetheless, click the linkage below (cause I'm too deflated to make anything of the pretty variety atm):

"Hero" - Chad Kroeger (a tribute to the tv show Heroes)

Edits again: I come bearing download links :D ... and a warning cause I forgot :$ LOL

from Megaupload

and if you can't get it from any of them let me know and I'll try to put it elsewhere for you.

Warning: Just in case people are still a little behind and don't want to be spoilt by anything - this video features clips from Episodes 1-7

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